As one of the oldest books to stay constantly in print (2000 years), Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” is eaten up regularly by bankers, entrepreneurs, PR moguls and footballers who take themselves very seriously. The prose is dated and things like “build your opponent a golden bridge to retreat across” can’t be applied quite as usefully to everyday situations as a lot of people make out, but the book is a great read nonetheless and gives you an insight into the mind of one of history’s greatest combatant minds.

Writer Kelly Roman has joined forces with illustrator Michael DeWeese to make a modern day version of The Art of War in the form of a highly detailed graphic novel. The setting has been changed from the Chinese empires of 475BC, to a futuristic world where China has of course taken over as the infallible global power. Wall Street is no longer a den of inequity for high rolling bankers and business investors, but is now a warzone of continuous battle. Sun Tzu’s ancient teachings unfurl to set the narrative amongst the crumbling dystopia of China Town, money grabbing corporate gargoyles and an almighty test of humanity.

With China buying up acres of land in America, building ghost towns in Africa and floating their own stock market with success, it seems that a future where China move in to reclaim their debts from the US and wage war on the people could be closer to reality than we think…

The Art of War Graphic Novel is available here.